Social Security disability application been denied?

After you file your Social Security Disability application, the Social Security Administration (SSA) carefully reviews your application and claim.  The SSA looks at your work history, current work activities if you are presently working, and your medical conditions.   The SSA  then makes a decision to either approve or deny your social security application and notifies you of their decision.

Social Security Disability claims may be denied for a variety of reasons.  A denial does not necessarily mean that the application process is complete.  You may file an appeal of a denied application or claim if your application has been denied and your disagree with the SSA’s decision.   Depending of the stage of the process, this can be done by filing a Request for Reconsideration or a Request for a Hearing  by an Administrative Law Judge.  In either event you are asking the SSA to relook at your claim to make sure that they have not wrongfully denied your application.  Once the SSA takes the second look at your application, they will again notify you of their decision.

If you have filed your Social Security Disability application and been denied, contact us now for a free initial consultation to see if your denial should be appealed.

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