An estate plan can provide you family members guidance as to you wishes for health care treatment, management of your affairs, and disposition of your assets upon your death.

A Will is a legal document that provides instructions about the disposition of your assets upon your death.  Wills can also name a guardian for a minor child, make arrangements for the care of a disabled child or adult, and appoint a trustee to manage assets until a minor child reaches a specified age.  If a person dies without a valid will, then Indiana law determines who inherits the estate and who should serve a guardian for minor children.  Other estate planning documents such as a Power of Attorney and a Health Care Representative Designation help to provide instructions about your health care and management of your affairs when you are living but are unable to do so.  Worman Legal will tailor estate planning documents to achieve your personal goal and find an estate plan that works for you.

Further, when a family members passes away, the personal and legal affairs of the loved one must be completed.  Attorney Katherine N. Worman can help the personal representative, or the executor, who has been appointed with this task of determine whether an estate or probate is necessary. If an estate is small and does not require probate or administration, we can help to prepare the necessary documents to distribute the assets without involvement of the court. If probate is necessary, we will file the appropriate documents with court, prepare inventories, assist in locating significant documents and assist in distributing assets.  Finally, should a dispute arise, Worman Legal will assist you in trying to informally resolve the dispute through peaceful means and litigation if necessary.